lego serious play

5 to 12 people
4 to 8 hours

- Stimulate the sharing of ideas and points of view within a team.

- Facilitate decision-making and the validation of complex processes.

- Raising awareness and developing skills on a specific subject.

Lego Serious Play is a methodology of communication, teamwork and problem solving. Through the facilitator's prompts and questions, each participant builds their own three-dimensional model using LEGO pieces.

The constructions serve as a basis for analyzing, reflecting, discussing and making concrete decisions in a structured and balanced meeting and communication model between the points of view of each of the participants.

In the workshops, participants must build figures to recreate challenges, strategies, visualize their idea of leadership (for example) or design themselves as professionals.

It's a great way to raise awareness; and played as a game it's easier to internalize.

We work through learning by doing, and "thinking with our hands" helps us avoid conscious barriers and restrictions. In front of the pieces built by oneself there are no hierarchies, lies, or seriousness!

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