5 to 45 people
2 to 3 hours

- Prioritising greater good to succeed

- Communicating and negotiating to create synergies

- Proving that personal and global change can both simultaneously be achieved

Talking about sustainability goes far beyond the fight against global warming.

THE CHANGE presents a possible world in which, through the execution of different projects, participants will have to agree to provide the necessary resourcesto overcome them and thus improve the current situation of the planet in aspects as important as the economic, environmental and social. Among all, it is necessary to improve the planet while each participant plays to achieve their individual goals.

Strategy, communication and negotiation are important. But having a global vision, making concessions and being generous will be, just like in the real world, key to getting ahead.

At the end, we will share results and draw conclusions about the world that we have been able to create together and the individual and collective impact that we have generated.

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