100 to 300 people
1 to 4 hours

- Giving a memorable and personalized experience to participants.

- Meeting the client's specific objectives

- Raising awareness and developing skills on a specific subject

The best option for very large groups is to design an activity that allows them to enjoy the same experiences but not at the same time.

An experiential circuit to go through different activities, challenges or workshops that give you a grant a much bigger picture and that make sense when we get together at the end of the day in a closing with a dynamic that helps us complete the circle.

CSR, awareness and sustainability, sport, skills, values, wellness... We are selecting all activities according to your needs.

In open spaces or in closed areas such as hotels and fair centres, and in circular flows (where everyone goes through all activities) or free flow (where everyone chooses the activities they prefer to do).

A tailor made activity for big teams searching for something different and meaningful.

if you are clear that you want to do a different activity, write to us!
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